Born in 1982, in Belgrade, Serbia
Education: Master of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Art in Belgrade, Serbia
Instagram handle: @aleksandar.todorovic.artist
Works from: Belgrade (Serbia)

After finishing the Faculty of Fine Art in Belgrade, Serbia in 2007, he became a member of the ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia) as an independent artist in 2011. So far he has had around 50 exhibitions (group ad solo), in Serbia and abroad. He creates socially and politically inspired art. He is a founder and active member of the C4 art group in 2012, which organized shows of socially and politically engaged artists. He was interviewed many times for art books and magazines (Hey! Magazine, Ink & Arrows magazine, etc). His works were also featured in various art publications, and on many art blogs and websites (Artforum, Yatzer, Juxtapoz etc). He has won several international art awards so far. He was selected and featured in the “100 painters of tomorrow” book by Thames & Hudson. In 2015, several of his works became a part of the Dakis Joannou collection, and his works are in private collections in Serbia and abroad. Collaborating with Dio Horia gallery (Mykonos, Greece) since 2015.  He works and lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

Artist statement
Former Yugoslavia broke down in a bloody civil war during the 1990’s. Ever since then, Serbia has been in constant turmoil and economic and financial crisis. Growing up in a society where political unrest is a constant topic, I became interested in politics, so I started making my own art inspired by it. The central character of my art poetics is the character of the politician. He is the archetype of evil, depicted as an obese, blind, pale-skinned, bald and gluttonous individual in a black business suit, a personified greed. He is portrayed practically in all of my work. Other archetypical characters are also presented in my work, like the character of a bureaucrat, and of an ordinary citizen as a crash-test dummy. Popular art and culture, from movies to video games, illustrations and comics, inspire me greatly. I also use caricature, irony, sarcasm and politically incorrect humor in my works. The visual style of my paintings and drawings is illustrative. I started exploring evil, the roots of it, how it begins and how it evolves, trying to make detailed studies of it in my work.  The modern world with all its complexity inspires me. By exposing the truth, the objective reality as I see it, I hope that at first it can make people laugh, and then make them think and ponder over the message which I am trying to tell.

VANDALS, no1, WE ARE VANDALS, SAS edition, France, 2016
HEY! acteIII, Ankama editions, France, 2015
100 painters of tomorrow, Thames & Hudson, UK, 2014
HEY! (Issue 17), Ankama editions, France, 2014
Ink & Arrows (issue 6), Inkarrowsmag publishing, US, 2014
Made in Mind (issue1), Made in mind publishing, Italy, 2014
The State of art- Photographic & Digital #1, Bare Hills publishing, UK, 2014
Gazprom (no7), Gazprom, Russia, 2013
Super Paper, Super Paper edition, Germany, 2013

One of the winning artists at Metro Cash & Carry art contest in 2005. (Serbia).  No link or web news provided at that time.
Won first shared place on art on-line web contest organized by Art Collectors Club in 2011. (Germany).  Web site has shut down since then.
One of the winners on the "100 Painters of tomorrow" by Thames & Hudson, publishing and exhibition in 2014. (UK)
Won Beers Contemporary award for Emerging Art in 2013 (UK)

Sumatovacka Art Education
Dakis Joannou collection, 2015

Exhibitions abroad
Greece, Mykonos, gallery Dio Horia, April 2018, group exhibition.
Greece, Mykonos, gallery Dio Horia, August 2017, solo exhibition.
France, Paris, gallery of the Serbian Cultural Center, May 2017, C-4 art group exhibition.
France, Paris, gallery Arts Factory, March 2017, group exhibition.
USA, Louisville KY, gallery Tim Faulkner, July 2016, solo exhibition.
Greece, Mykonos, gallery Dio Horia, June 2016, group exhibition.
France, Paris, museum of Halle Seint Pierre, September 2015, group exhibition.
Greece, Mykonos, gallery Dio Horia, June 2015, group exhibition.
England, London, gallery Beers Contemporary, November 2014, group exhibition.
Austria, Worarlbergh, gallery MAP Kellergalerie, May 2014, group exhibition.

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