2015- Mudland acrylic paintings

These are the works which i started in 2015, and which i will continue doing in the future. They depict imaginary country called Mudland, or Glibovija in Serbian. In smaller works from this series, i depicted specific symbols of this lands, and in later works i will make more elaborate figurative compositions. Text is used profusely, and it contains letters from both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, often mirrored, in order to create further confusion and coding of the messages, and the words are often created on the spot, using Serbian and jargon as the base. Characters i have used will be also presented in these works. This is a  clear view of contemporary world, when all the curtains have fallen, with all the travesty and hypocrisy exposed. It is a portrait of society which is crumbling and deteriorating into decay and mud, from where it cannot escape. Irony, humor, and sarcasm are also present in these works.


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