Iconostasis of Isms- Details

 Iconostasis of Communism 2008 (details)

Iconostasis of Capitalism 2008 (details)

Iconostasis of Nazism 2008 (details)

Iconostasis of Serbism 2010 (details)


Iconostasis of Serbocommunism 2012 (details)

Iconostasis of Serbocapitalism 2012 (details)

Iconostasis of Serbonazism 2012 (details)











Iconostasis of Consumerism 2016 (details)


  1. It's the most synthetic, impressive and lucid artwork that i ever seen about the ideological systems and the most penetrating symbolic expression

    1. Dear Aline, thank you for your comment, i really appreciate it.

      My blog is somewhat limited to the size of the uploaded photos. However, if you want to see those photos in bigger size and in higher detail, you can go to my contact page, and use the link for my deviant art profile. There you have my iconostasis works all grouped in two portfolios (iconostasis of isms and iconostasis of serbisms), and you can see them in much bigger size, which can help you see all the details. Since your comment i finished more works in this series you saw, so i invite you to take another look at those iconostasis paintings.

      Best regards, and sorry for rather late response- i worked a lot last year, and now i am doing my correspondence. Bye, Aleks :)

  2. Genijalno! izmi, izmi, a možda i "osti" , svakojake nacionalnosti, mentalnosti, opredeljenosti, lojalnosti... drače, žbice i koštice. u grlu zaglavljene. Aleksandre, otkriće ste mi!