2008-2016 Iconostasis of Isms

The name of the whole project is the Iconostatsis of Isms. It is the analysis of evil which lurks beneath all the three poles of the political systems we as a human race historically experienced. These Iconostasis are the descriptive picture of the utterly unhealthy systems which thrive on aggressions, foreign wars, limitations of basic human rights and privacy, destruction of all morals and values. The form of the religious iconostasis is there to emphasize the striving of these three systems to relate themselves as they are the true new and only "right"religion, with their prophets, messiahs, apostles and the followers, and also it is my way of portraying almost the religious passion many people expose when they talk about politics, and not having any thought of actually being manipulated by the very systems they are fighting to protect and serve.

This triptych is made by watercolors, acrylic and ink on paper. The format, with the frame and the glass, is approx. 100x80 cm. The works themselves are glued and fixed firmly to the cardboard plate, so that they can last more and not warp because of the atmospheric water.

The other part o the project consist of four Iconoctasis, which depict modern Serbian society and history. The formats are approx. 100x80 cm, with frame and glass ( Iconostasis of Serbism ), and the other three are approx. 55x75 cm with frames and glass.All of this works are framed and put behind protective glass.

The latest addition to the Iconostais of Isms is the Iconostasis of Consumerism, depicting the modern western consumer society, and its negative impact on world in general. It was finished in 2016. It is 80x100 cm big, framed and glassed.

Iconostasis of Communism

Iconostasis of Capitalism

Iconostasis of Nazism

Iconostasis of Serbism

Iconostasis of Serbocommunism

Iconostasis of Serbocapitalism

Iconostasis of Serbonazism

Iconostasis of Consumerism

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