2014- Acrylic paintings

These are the paintings made on canvas panels, 40x50cm, made with acrylic paint, which I painted during 2014.

The story of these personal works revolves around politics, and the way it influences our lives, mostly negative. Some works portray the character of politician, which I portrayed in many of my works, in various situations, illustrating many modern social and economical situations and topics. Other works portray different characters, all of them a part of  government safety and defense apparatus, used to control, spy and keep other people in order, mostly through violence, fear and oppression.

Dark humor, satire, irony, as well as parody, are used to portray these characters, through careful accentuation of the clich├ęs we find attributed to each specific character, presented to the public via various Medias, like television, news papers, internet, movies, books etc. The underlying evil, which is integral part of the systems these portrayed characters serve as literal puppets and cannon fodder (the reason why the characters are portrayed as crash-test dummies), is situated in the heart of the politics which is made only to serve the selfish interests of the most rich and powerful elite which seeks to gain more and more control and surveillance over our life, under false pretext of protecting the public safety, security and freedom.

Eye in the Sky

Mc Greed


Dog of War

Conquering Hero

Soldier of misfortune




Super secret snooper

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