IGNIS- circle of friends project, 2010

This is an artistic project for the art group called IGNIS, founded by Sasa Peric in the 2010. It is a multimedia group, that gathers dozens of artists, that collaborate on different projects, from documentaries, performances, dance films, multimedia works, poetry, painting etc. This particular project is called the circle of friends, and it is the multimedia collaboration between four different artists. The projects began with the first digital drawing that i produced, then a poet Sasa Jeftic made a poetry text, on which Sasa Peric, the director, created a short video art movie, then based on that movie the writer Slobodan Novokmet made a short story, and then based upon that story i, along with Slobodan's assistance, created a comic book page, completing the circle. The story evolved from one work to another, we as creators at the very beginning didn't know how the story will end, and even though the story is completed, it is still open to various interpretations. At the end the poetry text and the short story was later graphically edited by me, so that they follow the same visual style. The music for the movie was made by Vladimir Miljkovic and Mirko Perovic, and the first independent version for the sound was made by Yann Tiersen.

You can se the movie at:

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